Kids Activities 2024

Kids activities 

As a family-owned park, we know kids never seem to run out of energy! Some days though, caretakers just want a day to catch their breath without having to make a trip into town. Here’s a look at an entire day of kid’s entertainment without having to leave the holiday park:  

7.30am – As soon as first light hits the park, kids can be found already dressed and running around! A great way to entertain the little ones is to take a walk through the Mullawallah Wetlands (formerly known as Winter Swamp). To access them from the park simply head out through our front entry gates, turn right, then follow Lacus Lane down the side of the holiday park until you reach the water. There is a great boardwalk extending out over the wetlands which leads to a viewing area, for those who want to explore the heart of the reserve, and a path follows around the outside of the swamp, for visitors wanting to appreciate the view. This 30ha wetlands was previously used for livestock grazing but was restored in 1981 and has since provided a protective habitat for wildlife populations to boom. A fantastic number of birds can be found here, the luckiest visitors may even get to see Brolgas roosting during their migration.  

9:00am – Time to wash hands and grab a plate; Saturday mornings are pancake mornings! All guests are welcome to head down to the Great Room (BYO plate and cutlery) for some delicious house-made pancakes. Load yourself up with a stack of pancakes and cover them with our selection of toppings. Our staff will continue cooking until all bellies are full, available during the Victorian school holidays only. If visiting during the off-peak season, please ask our friendly staff about their favourite eateries.  

10:00am – Now that everyone is full of sugar and carbs, let’s burn some energy. Pop up to Reception to grab a basketball or tennis racquet and hit the courts! We encourage a bit of friendly competition here – so grab some mates, or make new ones, and challenge them to a smackdown. Loser buys everyone an ice cream from reception? Reception open 8:30am-6:30pm daily. 

11:00am – Come to our recreation room after your game to cool down and chill out. Borrow a DVD from reception, watch your favourite free-to-air shows on our TV or settle down for some gaming time on our PS4s. Rec room open 9:00am-9:00pm daily.  

2:00pm – Kill some time and get fit on our go-karts. Caretakers can sign a waiver at reception which is valid for your whole stay, and kids are welcome to borrow our helmets if they don’t have their own. The karts can be hired for $5 per 30 minutes, and Members can get their first go-kart for free. Go Karts available 8:30am-6:30pm daily. 

3:00pm – Kids and caregivers can both enjoy a splash in our pool, with an indoor heated pool, spa and splash pad, there’s something for all ages and abilities. Our pool features a large projector screen which is always playing free-to-air TV for you to enjoy whilst you’re relaxing in the water – Simply adjust the channel and volume with the buttons next to the screen. Pool open 9:00am-9:30pm daily. 

5:00pm – Head back into the Recreation room for some family games before dinner. Our Rec room boasts some great facilities including Table Tennis, Foosball, Air Hockey and Pool. Each activity costs $1.00 per game and change can be withdrawn from reception. Rec room open 9:00am-9:00pm daily, but make sure to grab some coins before reception closes at 6:30pm.  

7:30pm – Movie night! During the Victorian School Holidays we host a movie night, complete with free popcorn and beanbag chairs, in the Great Room. The movie is selected from reception during the day by one lucky child, so come and ask us if today’s movie has already been picked! Get to the Great Room a little early for dibs on the best seats and the freshest bags of popcorn. If you’re visiting during the off-peak season, then we’re recommend a run around on the playground and bounce on the jumping pillow. We can recommend a few fun games to play whilst you’re out there, and you can even race each other on our reaction-time-based play equipment.